Penola Primary School


Our Mission

Penola Primary School is a vibrant school, offering students many high quality educational opportunities in a supportive and welcoming environment. The school has a strong values based focus that encourages students to develop their own code of personal values that underpin their actions.

Penola Primary School provides the best possible teaching and learning environment with the welfare and educational outcomes of its students as its highest priority

Penola Primary is a dynamic and progressive Foundation to Year 6 school with strong links to the community.  The school’s focus is to develop the whole child; intellectually, academically, physically, and socially/emotionally.  The learning opportunities at Penola Primary School are stimulating and challenging, with an emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy.  The school is proud of its commitment to the provision of a wide variety of programs and activities, including STEM, Japanese, After School Sports, Music, Arts, and Environmental programs.

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