About Our School

The School caters for 210 students from 5 to 13 years, operating across eight classes. The McKay Children’s Centre is co-located on site. This facility provides cater for children from 0 to 5 years. An Out of hours School Care program operated by the Centre is run in the School art room each weekday afternoon.

The learning environment is enhanced by large classrooms that cater for a range of teaching methodologies based on the latest theories about how the brain works and how to maximise learning. The extensive play areas encourage students to be physically active and socially harmonious in their interactions. Feedback from visiting teachers has been very complimentary about how well students get along, and their willingness to do their best.

Underpinning the success of Penola Primary School is the strong support given by parents and the community to the work of staff and students in the learning programme. Parental involvement is encouraged and valued because the community believes that learning is maximised in a supportive and caring environment. This is reflected in our mission statement.

“Penola Primary School provides the best possible teaching and learning environment with the welfare and educational outcomes of its students as its highest priority.”

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